Cateno webhosting


Everything is included with our webhosting. You will get hosting with a lot of diskspace, monthly traffic, DNS management, PHP, CGI, MySQL, FTP, E-mail with basic anti-spam/virus and the option to create cronjobs. Furthermore, all our packages include Installatron at no extra charge.


Through the Directadmin controlpanel your hosting can be managed intuitively and simple. With a few clicks you create extra Email accounts, add/remove options or host additional domainnames in your existing hosting package.


For less then 1 euro per month, Cateno offers you webhosting with 200MB disk space and 10GB of traffic per month. Our cheapest package also includes MySQL and Email.

EXTRA SMALL – € 0,99 / month

    Domains: 1
    Sub domains: 0
    Disk space: 200MB
    MySQL DB: 1
    Mailbox: 1
    Monthly Traffic: 10.000MB / 10GB
    Ftp accounts: 1
    Cronjobs: 1
    Installatron included

SMALL – € 1,99 / month

    Domains: 2
    Sub domains: 1
    Disk space: 1.000MB / 1GB
    MySQL DB: 5
    Mailboxes: 25
    Monthly Traffic: 25.000MB / 25GB
    Ftp accounts: 25
    Cronjobs: 25
    Installatron included
MEDIUM – € 4,99 / month

    Domains: 3
    Sub domains: 10
    Disk space: 5000MB / 5GB
    MySQL DB: 50
    Mailboxes: 50
    Monthly Traffic: 50.000 / 50GB
    Ftp accounts: 50
    Cronjobs: 50
    Installatron included
LARGE – € 9,99 / month

    Domains: 5
    Sub domains: 25
    Disk space: 10.000MB / 10GB
    MySQL DB: unlimited* fair use
    Mailboxes: unlimited* fair use
    Monthly Traffic: 100.000MB / 100GB
    Ftp accounts: unlimited* fair use
    Cronjobs: unlimited* fair use
    Installatron included