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From hosting to virtual serversCateno can offer you a solution

With 10 years experience in the hosting and colocation industry Cateno offers experienced and competitive services. Our formula is no-nonsense, simple, fully automated and inexpensive. Thus, we offer excellent quality at a very competitive price.

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Tailored advice

We’ll provide you with a personal advice

If you have questions about which service you need, we can advise you on what we can offer as a best match for you. If you give us an explanation of what you want to achieve, we can give you a thought out advice that suits your needs. We will look at what you need right now and how flexible it will be for possible future growth. This will keep the initial costs low while retaining the option to grow when needed. If the package you’ve chosen is either too small or to large for you needs, you can switch to a smaller or larger package on a monthly basis. This way you’ll never pay too much.