Cateno Virtual Private Servers

KVM Virtualisation

Your VPS is completely virtualized via a KVM instance. This gives you a completely private and isolated VPS with root access. Through our customer panel, you can directly access the console of your VPS so that you have a keyboard, mouse and monitor remotely available.


You can choose from a variety of installation ISOs. If your preferred distro is not listed, you can always contact us and we’ll add it to the list (if possible).

Safe and Fast

Our VPS hosting servers are hexa-core (12-core) Intel Xeon servers with 24GB of RAM in a RAID 1+0 configuration 4x2TB hard drives. This way we protect against disk failure with RAID-1 and give you the speed of RAID 0 slicing.

€ 5,99 / month

    1 CPU core
    512MB RAM
    25GB Harddisk
    250GB traffic
    1 IP adress

€ 9,99 / month

    1 CPU core
    1024MB RAM
    50GB Harddisk
    500GB traffic
    1 IP adress
€ 19,99 / month

    2 CPU cores
    2048MB RAM
    100GB Harddisk
    750GB traffic
    1 IP adress
€ 29,99 / month

    4 CPU cores
    4096MB RAM
    200GB Harddisk
    1TB traffic
    1 IP adress
Currently available distro’s: CentOS 6, Ubuntu 12.10, Gentoo, Debian 6, openSUSE 12.2, OpenBSD 5.2
Isn’t your preferred distro listed? Let us know and we’ll add it for you.

After ordering the VPS you can log in using the console. Each VPS will be booted with the installation ISO, allowing local or internet-based install, this allows you too configure it to your liking. If you need help with the set-up and installation of the VPS we’ll offer free assistance.