Cateno webhosting reselling

Ease of management

Our reselling service includes everything to manage your customer services. We will provide you with a ready-to-go environment where you can manage your reseller resources to your own liking in customer hosting packages that you define the values and limits of. You can see at a single glance how many resources are free and in use.


Through the Directadmin controlpanel you can define per customer or per package what you want to offer. Services like PHP, CGI, cronjobs, etc. Are all individually selectable for in- or exclusion per configurable hosting pack. Some services that we include: basic anti-spam+virus based on SpamAssasin, PHP, CGI-BIN, Installatron and AWstats web statistics.


At any time you can up- or downgrade if you’re over or well below your used resources. Through our customer panel you can up- or downgrade to your own demands. All our packages have a monthly cancellation term, so we don’t tie you long term. Our reseller packages are also very suited for people that simply have a lot of websites and would like to separate these in individual accounts.

€ 14,99 / month

    Domains: 5
    Disk space: 5.000MB / 5GB
    MySQL DB: 50
    Mailboxes: 50
    Monthly Traffic: 50.000MB / 50GB
    Cronjobs: 50

€ 19,99 / month

    Domains: 25
    Disk space: 10.000MB / 10GB
    MySQL DB: 250
    Mailboxes: 250
    Monthly traffic: 250.000MB / 250GB
    Cronjobs: 250
€ 24,99 / month

    Domains: 50
    Disk space: 20.000MB / 20GB
    MySQL DB: 500
    Mailboxes: 500
    Monthly traffic: 500.000 / 500GB
    Cronjobs: 500
€ 34,99 / month

    Domains: 75
    Disk space: 50.000MB / 50GB
    MySQL DB: unlimited* fair use
    Mailboxes: unlimited* fair use
    Monthly traffic: 750.000MB / 750GB
    Cronjobs: unlimited* fair use