DNS management

Simple .. Webbased .. Cheap

DNS management through a web based panel

Whether you have domain names with us, or through an external party, we offer you to manage your domains in an easy way through a redundant set of name servers. All you have to do is point your name servers to ours and you can get started

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Anti Spam/Virus

Safe .. Easy .. No worries

Get rid of unwanted Email

Through our Anti-Spam Virus servers, you are protected against unwanted e-mail and viruses. Our mail servers will scan and filter your mail for unwanted content. No more risk of viruses through e-mail for just € 4.99 per year per domain

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Domain names

check .. register .. manage

Register your domain against a competitive price

We offer a wide range of TLDs (extensions), so the domain you want will always be available. Through our control panel you can then You can be up and running in no-time.

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Safe .. Automatic .. Encrypted

Off-site Directadmin and/or FTP Backups

With our Ct Backup system you will get ready-to-use encrypted backup space for your files and / or DirectAdmin websites. Through automatic FTP backups and our CtBackup DirectAdmin plugin everything is fully automatic. The perfect complement for your web host package, whether it is with us or another company.

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Affordable .. Reliable .. Simple

Order your hosting now and start immediately

We offer not only affordable, but also reliable hosting and excellent service. We've got 10 years experience in the hosting industry and can therefore offer exactly what you are looking for in all your hosting needs

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TurnKey Linux VPS

Choose .. Click .. Ready

A ready-to-go VPS with one of the many Turnkey Linux images

No difficult installations and configurations of popular apps. We provide a ready to go VPS server with Turnkey Linux images. Joomla, Magento, Typo3, SugarCRM, OsCommerce, Drupal, Mediagallery and 100+ other applications.

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Virtual Private Servers

Flexible .. Blazing Fast .. Cheap

With our VPS servers you will have all freedom of a dedicated server against a fraction of the price. Starting at € 3,79 per month

Our VPS servers run on multi-core Intel servers with RAID configurations and 1Gbit uplinks to the Internet. With this we guarantee both excellent performance as safe storage of your data.

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Turnkey VPS

A VPS with a TurnKey Linux image of your choosing on KVM virtualisation.

Virtual Private



website and Email


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