Cateno DNS management

DNS management

If you own/manage one or more domains, you can use Cateno as your webbased DNS manager for your domain names. There is no requirement to transfer or register your domains through Cateno, you can simply point your nameservers to and


Our nameservers are physically separated in different datacenters. Due to this the risk of an outage or unreachable domains is pretty much zero.


Our nameserver software runs on PowerDNS. Through the customer panel you can change or edit any domains or domain records, which are immediately applied to your domains on both our servers.

DNS X1 – € 3,- / half year

    Domains: 1
    ex. domain registration

DNS X10 – € 2,75 / quarter

    Domains: 10
    ex. domain registration
DNS X25 – € 5,- / quarter

    Domains: 25
    ex. domain registration
DNS X50 – € 5,- / month

    Domains: 50
    ex. domain registration